Making Function Simple.

To ensure users of the P9 Exercise System receive the best possible experience and gain optimum results from their efforts, TRAIN3D AUSTRALIA is also coordinating the local delivery of Procedos’ educational component.

Procedos Education is steeped in science. Procedos courses are specifically designed to teach you how to help restore motion, reinforce movement, and build resiliency in exercise.

Yes, Procedos P9 is all about simplifying functional training. But don’t mistake simple for stupid.

Based on the principles of applied functional science (AFS) from the Gray Institute Procedos Education uses a task-driven system of functional exercise, which is based on logic that is simple to learn, and even easier to apply. Procedos Education centres around the concepts of:  

  • The Functional Exercise Spectrum 
  • The Functional Sphere 
  • The 10 Observational Essentials For Exercise. 

These pillars make up the foundation for creating variety in your functional exercise programming, and are very easily systematised using the P9 platform.

Procedos Education also delivers the innovative R3 programming model, which is based on: 

  • Restore:  How to restore movement, function, and normalised motion
  • Reinforce:  How to lock in new motion to create strong movement patterns, such as lifts, lunges, squats, pushes, jumps, pulls, reaches and walks.
  • React:  How to buffer patterns to improve safety and introduce a cognitive element to your training, using functional, 3-dimensional and cognitive games.

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In addition to individualised training and coaching with the P9 - Procedos has created an exciting Group Fitness Program, PE. One, which will increase mobility, strength and cardio, metabolism and wellbeing.

This is a seperate Group Class Fitness module from Procedos Education.

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