Being progressive for the progressive being
T          Training Simplified
R          R3 = Restore - Reinforce - React
A          Applied Functional Science
I           Innovation
N         Neuroplasticity: Brain Training
3          3-Dimensional Exercise System
D          Designed in Sweden
Our customers include:
  • Boutique PT studios
  • Functional training studio
  • Osteopaths
  • Olympic lifting coaches
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Everyday gym goers
  • Professional Athletes & Coaches
TRAIN3D AUSTRALIA is proud to work directly with Elite Athletes, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Fitness clubs, Gymnasiums and fitness enthusiasts. 
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The Simple Way To Everyday Peak Performance

Functional Training For Athletes, Coaches, And Everyone Else

What’s in a name?

I’ve heard the question more than a few times ⏤ why Train3D?

Well, the name simply sums up what I believe the best way to train is. When we do any task through the day, our bodies move across different dimensions and in different directions. Yet in the gym, we often do exercises that don’t reflect that reality. It’s why the P9 is so powerful and why it works for almost everyone: because it trains us for everyday movement and everyday life.

Procedos™️ Platform 9
Training For The Real World

Lifting weights or doing cardio can boost fitness, but not in the way your body works for 99% of your day. It’s why functional training is so popular today: you get the real world fitness to keep up with the kids, carry the groceries or other bulky items, catch yourself from falling (with the reflexes and coordination to match), and handle anything the day throws at you.

And that’s what the P9 is designed for: to give you the functional training your body needs to get through even the most active days.

Build the strength, balance, and flexibility for everyday fitness

Correct muscular imbalances and problems you might not even know you had

Have more fun with your workouts, and can mix it up in almost countless ways

Who's it for?

Join the growing number of mums, amateurs, gym rats, dads, professionals, athletes, and trainers building everyday fitness the smart, fun way. It's great for:

Everyday Fitness +

If you want to improve your fitness but don’t have the time to get to the gym (or don’t want to go), the P9 is perfect for you. Work out at home with just your body weight or pair it with other equipment—such as dumbbells, resistance bands, or a barbell—for an extra challenge.

Amateur to elite Athletes +

Personal Trainers & Coaches +

Featured: @marissahamera

My Story

Everyone has a story when it comes to their fitness.

Maybe you were just trying to lose a little weight, or wanted to join a team or play a sport. Perhaps you had your sights set on completing a triathlon, winning a powerlifting competition, or surviving a day-long hike. Or maybe you just wanted to feel more energetic and not have to struggle through the day.

You might be loving that fitness today, even if it comes at a price. Niggling joint ache, an old injury that flares up, or the occasional muscle strain reminds us that we push our bodies too far at times. But you don’t have to suffer through those pains and hurts. You can have a body that’s fit AND resilient. In fact, that resilience is a core part of what we call true functional fitness… which is what the  P9 is all about helping you build.

So, take a look around the site. See how the Platform 9 system helps you develop functional fitness. Join the mailing list (see below) to get tips and advice for developing everyday performance.

And if you have any questions (or want to share your story), just jump to this page and get in touch!

⏤ Lloyd

Founder, Train3D