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Functional training for athletes, coaches and everyone else.

For everyday fitness, train in 3 dimensions.


Find the fitness to do whatever
you want in your day with
the Procedos Platform 9™:
the pioneering functional
training equipment sweeping
the world!

Training for the real world.

Which P9 is for you?

Simplify your workouts with functional training that builds strength, balance and flexibility in a fun and unique way. We've got four Procedos mats to choose from:

Original P9 Mat

The P9 Everyone from elite
athletes to retirees is using

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P9 Outdoor Mat

Built to take a beating, from
training on field or Bootcamp.

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P9 Golf Mat

Perfect your swing from home
so you can conquer the course.

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P9 Class Leader Mat

A mirrored P9 for anyone taking
charge of group sessions.

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Platform 9™
Platform 9™
Platform 9™
Platform 9™
Platform 9™
Platform 9™
Platform 9™
Platform 9™
Platform 9™
Platform 9™
Platform 9™
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The bestselling, original platform by Procedos that'll give your body the functional training it needs to get through even the most active days.

Platform 9's design gives you an idea of which positions you need to be strong and creates endless possibilities for functional training. 

Delivered with:

  • User manual
  • Mat storage bag
  • Startup information

It's built around a variable system for the foundations of human movement to fit all individuals and fitness levels. Get inspired by these training video programs →


Platform 9™️

Size 100cm x 130cm
Folds to
33cm x 22cm x 7cm
Rubber stretch with laser printed graphics
Easy! 30°C wash in the machine and let it dry on the clothes line. Don't put it in the dryer.
Australia: Standard 3-7 days FREE
Australia: Express 1-3 days $25
Melbourne Metro Same day $35
New Zealand 1-2 weeks $40
Asia 1-3 weeks $50
Selected countries 2-3 weeks $60


We send from Melbourne, so the closer you are to us, the more likely it is to be on the sooner side. For more delivery information, visit our FAQs →

Success Stories

The P9 is easy to use, but it also allows you to get creative with more traditional single plane of motion movements.


As an active dad who helps his son with football while playing tennis and soccer myself, I turned to the P9 to speed up rehabilitation of my knee and get back to doing what I love.


As a trainer, I've found it's a great way to highlight foot positioning and angles of joints when performing standing or ground based movements. Also, for introducing variability without anxiety for people who are very used to traditional training methods. A huge win for such a simple tool!


There's something about the circles, lines and numbers that just seems to unlock it for people. Probably allows my clients to leap forward about 6 months in their training - which is just fantastic.


I’ve also found the P9 to be versatile logistically. It’s lightweight, easy to transport, and even easier to store.


Our story

Hear from Train3D's founder, Lloyd Hill, about his journey into functional fitness and why he thinks the P9 is so great.

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If you want to improve your fitness but don’t have the time to get to the gym (or don’t want to go), the P9 is perfect for you. Work out at home with just your body weight or pair it with other equipment—such as dumbbells, resistance bands, or a barbell—for an extra challenge.

Amateur to elite athletes +

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