The Australian Bureau of Statistics have discovered there is a need for movement training devices in Australia" as seen on PR Wire

The Australian Bureau of Statistics have discovered there is a need for movement training devices in Australia

Regular physical activity is crucial for our overall health and wellbeing. With individuals becoming increasingly time poor it is crucial to make the most of the time we spend exercising and avoid possible injuries.

Injury during exercise is recognised as a primary concern for Government Health organisations in Australia and around the world.

The National Health Survey: Injuries, Australia 2001 study conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) identified that injuries are the main cause of death in people under 45 years of age.

Additionally, it is the leading cause of morbidity and irreversible disability. This fact alone reveals a latent issue that requires attention by leading fitness equipment manufacturers.

"While injuries cause a range of physical, cognitive and psychological disabilities, and are a major source of health care cost there are significant opportunities for reducing the burden of injury through the implementation of prevention strategies,” states the ABS.

European fitness hub Sweden has been focusing heavily on the correlation. They have seen how movement controlling mats can prevent injury and maintain active performance without injuries.

The association of exercise, injury and preventative strategies has been understood by the owner of new business Train3DAustralia, Lloyd Hill.

The retailer has uncovered the innovative invention and decided to bring it to Australia this year. They are now the only authorised distributor of Procedos in Australia.

The Procedos Exercise System is a Swedish engineered system structured around the foundations of human movement.

It is a changeable system which is suitable for every individual. From young to old, Procedos fitness mats assist in delivering great results to health and fitness professionals as well as individuals.

Procedos Platform 9 Pro is one of the main and most versatile offerings within the range. Platform 9 has been discovered by numerous famous athletes and personal trainers.

Athletes such as Mattias Hargin (a Swedish World Cup alpine skier) strongly advocate the benefits of the platform and how it affects their training. Now they refuse to exercise without it. "It affects us on a completely different level. There are more states.It works in more outer states and is much more than exercises which normally are up and down,” says Mattias.

Population studies by The Department of Health reveal that the highest levels of physical activity among young adults are in the18-24 year old bracket. Train3DAustralia is hoping that there will be a strong interest in the mats in local gyms to assist this age group to learn movement without injury.

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