Australian full-service gyms are now discovering innovative ways to distinguish themselves

Australian full-service gyms are now discovering innovative ways to distinguish themselves

Nationally, there has been a strong increase in the making of New Year’s resolutions. And amongst the most popular of them all is getting fit, a healthy diet and cutting down on bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare records that almost 2 in 3 adult Australians were overweight in 2014-2015. Even more alarming is the fact that in the same research period 1 in 4 children aged 2-17 years old were recorded as being overweight or obese.

A November 2017 study conducted by IBIS World has revealed “The Gyms and Fitness Centres industry has grown strongly over the past five years while undergoing considerable structural change. The emergence of budget 24-hour gym chains has stimulated the majority of industry growth".  It predominantly, pinpoints the growth in franchises who draw customers in based on the cost of a membership and the fact that they remain open all the time to improve ease of access for time-poor individuals.

With New Year’s resolutions being a strong undertaking for the beginning of the year, gyms are constantly on the hunt for a point of difference to offer the consumer, whether it be through the difference of services, reducing the cost of their membership or upgrading equipment.

When taking a look at the main threats in market share, full-service gyms are coming up short when compared to their inexpensive counterparts who offer run of the mill equipment that is available 24/7.

There has, however, been an identified opportunity point for gyms to target their classes towards the older population with a range of innovative classes that can spark their interest.

European engineered fitness mat brand, Procedos are working closely with Australian retailer Train3DAustralia to close this gap. Business Owner Lloyd Hill, is now the only authorised distributor of Procedos in Australia. Collaborating with Procedos he has uncovered the growth point for full-service gyms to access a new market. Not only can they now appeal to the older audience, but provide a fully teachable program that can enhance the exercise experience of pregnant women and those with sports injuries. It offers comprehensive functional strategies for training, rehabilitation and conditioning. While the platform is not restricted to just these audiences, trends in their European sales have suggested that it is highly suitable for the gym class environment.

Procedos Elements One launched in Sweden in January 2018 and has also been trialed in classes in New York and Los Angeles.

P.E One, the new revolutionsing group training format from Procedos is a science based and highly effective style of training that returns rapid results – both in an individual’s health and performance. The 45 minute class will both inspire and motivate participants to bring the best out of your body and push their limits. The results include increased mobility, strength, cardio, metabolism and well being.

Lloyd elaborates, “The platform has a fully functioning educational training program, with mats that allow the trainer of the class to be fully in sync with their trainees - directly mirroring their movements to avoid confusion. The instructor can now stand at the front of the class with a distinguished red mat to ease the teaching style and differentiate.”

The platform can be used for weight training, yoga as well as improving technique in golf, basketball and other sports.

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